Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the set of rules and skills that allow us to participate in the digital world in a positive way. There are 6 modules that make up digital citizenship.

  1. Balance in the media and well-being
  2. Fingerprint and digital identity
  3. Privacy & Security
  4. Relationships and communication
  5. Digital drama, cyberbullying and hate speech
  6. News and media education

Our team adapts each module to suit the culture and each stage of development. Keep scrolling to learn more! 

Digital citizenship in action!

“Digital citizenship is a set of competencies that empowers citizens to access, retrieve, understand, evaluate and use, to create, as well as share information and media content in all formats, using various tools, in a critical way, ethical and effective in order to participate and engage in personal, professional and social activities.”

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This video provides a brief introduction to digital citizenship.

Balance in the media and well-being

Students explore the impact that their digital lives can have on their well-being and relationships, while learning to balance their digital lives.

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Fingerprint and digital identity

Students consider the benefits and risks of sharing online and explore how a digital person can affect self, reputation, and relationships.

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Privacy & Security

Students learn how to protect personal information and gain a deeper understanding of their data privacy rights. They learn how to advocate for themselves and others.

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Relationships and communication

Students reflect on how they can build positive relationships, avoid risky online conversations.

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Digital drama, cyberbullying and hate speech

Students talk about these difficult topics and take an active role in building positive and supportive online communities. They learn how to fight cruelty online.

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News and media education

Students identify credible and trustworthy sources of information and reflect on their responsibilities as creators and consumers of thoughtful media.

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Additional videos on digital citizenship