A developmentally informed and culturally relevant intervention on technology use in young adolescents in Perú and México.

The Adolescent Research Collaborative (ARC) at the Institute of Human
Development, UC Berkeley is working with Innova Schools, a network of private K-11
schools in Perú and México, to design school-based curricula in partnership with
Common Sense Education centered on digital citizenship, socio-emotional skills, and
sleep hygiene.


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Developmental Science

The terms are organized using a model in which contexts help tailor interventions to improve outcomes for children and adolescents. (Terms borrowed from Child Trends)

Our Collaborators

UC Berkeley

Transitions is led by Dr. Lucía Magis Weinberg at UC Berkeley’s Adult Research Collaborative.

Innova Schools

A series of charter schools based in Perú, Innova Schools uses a blended learning model aimed at teaching initial, primary, and secondary students.

Common Sense

Common Sense Media helps students thrive in the digital age with free, research-backed lesson plans.

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Lucía Magis-Weinberg, MD, PhD, Project Lead